A World tour: 20,000 KM; 14 months ;
around 20 countries through Europe,
South of America, Asia and Africa.

From July 2009 to August 2010.

With a « solex » (a bicycle with a little motor).
It’s an easy using and user friendly transportation medium.
It can be dismantled just with few tools; as well it will
allow us to be in direct contact with the people we will meet.

It consumes 1.5 L for 100 KM, it will give us a good gas

Far from the traditional media, with our own eyes,
we’ll have the opportunity to meet and get to know
other cultures and environments.
Travelling without any conveniences, our goal is
to encounter and rediscover the daily happiness.
« One day, one smile »
During the trip, we’ll intend to show the evidence
of the heart’s richness. Our aim is to take a picture
of one person a day (1 picture and its story).
We will receive a lot during our tour, and we’ll share
this experience giving conferences in the visited countries.
In France, we will share our adventures with our family,
friends and some schools thanks to our web site.
In spite of difficult times, we will get out of it stronger
and united. This is not a runaway, neither a society rejection
but simply a desire to share and meet other ways of life and
start our own adult life with serenity.